H108 – Pump for hysteroscopy
H108 – Pump for hysteroscopy
  • Easy set up and quickest start-up time
  • Automatic instrument recognition
  • Advanced saftey for pressure and flow meeting highest international standards
  • Optional fluid deficit monitoring

Product Details

LEMKE pump systems offer a synthesis of reliability, safety and ergonomics when arthroscopy, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy or urology is indicated.

Excellent software solutions, such as automatic recognition of the instruments connected, ensure stabilized pressure and clear visibility in the body cavity.

Forty years of experience make our pump systems the right choice for all fields of application. With its easy handling and comprehensive equipment, the pump systems are the optimum partner, for physicians who operate with the most reliable technology. It guarantees optimum flow capacity and stable distention of the cavity for a wide range of different instruments.

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