made in germany


Full HD-Camera

The 3-in-1 solution, combining Camera, Light Source and Full HD-Capturing


HD-Camera, integrated LED-Light Source and photo and video documentation in HD


Fully digital 3CCD Camera Head, optional: autoclavable Camera Head, moderate operating temperature, exchangeable camera cable, C-mount thread for easy coupler exchange and free choice of couplers

Light Sources

LED320 – LED-Light Source

High lumen output (superior to 180 W Xenon), cost savings due to extremely long life expectancy and power saving, no annual bulb change is necessary, instant on/off, applicable for all endoscopic indications and up to 10 years of bulb life

XL300 – Xenon Light Source

300 W Xenon lamp, lamp-Life LCD display and electronic lamp change indicator, multi standard exchangeable light cable socket, easy lamp replacement and brightness control


50 L-Insufflator

Multi-mode Powerhouse

30 L-Insufflator

Reliable base unit, highest safety and mature technology

F102 – Insufflator for laparoscopy

20 l/min flow, easy set up, high safety, ISO standard at patient exit and user-programmable

F104 – Insufflator for laparoscopy

40 l/min flow, high safety, easy set up, large text display (multi-lingual), user-programmable, integrated gas heating, pressure relief system and integrated fluid sensor

Pump Systems

Multi-Indication Pump

Four devices in one: Laparoscopy, Arthroscopy, Hysteroscopy and Urology

A127 – Pump for arthroscopy

1.5 l/min max. flow, optimized flow regulation done by automatic instrument detection and software control, wash function to improve visibility within the joint, flexible use due to pole mounting and highest patient safety due to transponder protected tube set

P101 – Pump for laparoscopy

Simple set up and operation, easy to load tube set and vacuum suction included

H108 – Pump for hysteroscopy

Easy set up and quickest start-up time, automatic instrument recognition, advanced saftey for pressure and flow meeting highest international standards and optional fluid deficit monitoring

HM4 – Fluid Management for hysteroscopy

Optimized flow using instrument recognition, easy use and patient safety, large deficit and volume display for precise monitoring of fluid loss, several bag hooks and container holder and easy bag and container change

Medical Monitors

Medical Monitors – Classic Line

TFT-Displays (24", 27" or 32") with wide-screen-format, Display with all-round viewing angle and hygienic design with full glas front

Medical Monitors – Slim Line

Ultra-slim proifle, TFT-Display (24", 27" or 32") optically bonded on Gorilla® Glass Display, greater brightness, less reflective

OR Trolley

OR Trolley

Long service life, gliding wheels with locking brakes, metal-powder coating surface: easy-cleaning, resistant to disinfection agents

Surgical Instruments

Surgical Instruments

Surgical instruments on top quality levels, produced using state-of- the-art manufacturing technologies by highly motivated skilled workers and surgical product experts

Medical Media Solution

eSaturnus NUCLeUS™

Smart Digital Operating Room: State-of-the-art control platform, assisting clinicians during surgery

eSaturnus NeBULA™

Medical Video Documentation Platform: User-friendly medical image recorder, developed by and for medical professionals

Gamma Finder® II

Gamma Finder® II

Standard in Intraoperative Lymph Node Mapping, completely wireless and unique design.

Lithotripsy Laser

Freddy Laser – U100Plus

Highly efficient, extremely safe, reliable stone fragmentation in gastroenterology and urology.