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LEMKE at Arab Health 2018

February 1st 2018

Arab Health was held from January 29th to February 1st 2018 at the International Convention & Exhibition Centre in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Arab Health is the next largest and most important international medical trade fair after MEDICA and the largest in the Middle East. This event is expanding from a regional hub into a global meeting point.

We were proud to introduce our LEMKE-devices at a excellently designed and very well-located booth, in a strong partnership with our strategic partners ACL, NOUVAG and TONTARRA.

The highlight at this year’s event was the first presentation of the new GAMMA FINDER®. This new product with his innovative features earned a great response from distributors and doctors.

There were many visitors at our booth from the MEA region as well as from Asia. The multipurpose concept of LEMKE product portfolio in perfect combination with TONTARRA-Instruments prompted great attention from various booth visitors. Interesting and promising contacts have been made. Local distributors used our booth to efficiently present our brand and products to their key surgeons and decision makers with big success.

We hope this year’s Arab Health was a successful for you as it was for us and thank all of our visitors for the interesting conversations, sharing experiences and the needs of your markets. We highly appreciate your feedback, it will help us to make all of our businesses more successful.

Your LEMKE Team

LEMKE Product Service and Support Procedures

January 1st 2018

A step-by-step Guide to Streamline Your Service Request

As we welcome the new year at LEMKE, we would like to provide our latest checklist for requesting product service and support. Please review the below processes to make your experience as smooth and efficient as possible.


A)  You notice a defect or fault on your device
1. Please contact the technical service at one of our locations via email or phone to estimate the extent of the problem (in Germany, contact Ludwigsstadt).
2. Should technical support be unable to help you, please contact customer service directly (in Germany, this is Berlin) or use an RMA form (return and repair processing form) available from our website under the heading "Sales & Service".
3. Please fill this form out and send it to customer service.
4. Our customer service team will directly contact you and provide you with an RMA number and information on how to return your device.
5. Next, please send this to the respective service location. (Note: To ensure traceability, returned equipment must be accompanied by an RMA number).
6. The customer service team will take care of the cost estimate and other details associated with processing your RMA request.


B)  Your equipment is scheduled for regular maintenance
1. Please contact one of our customer service departments or use an RMA form (return and repair processing form) available on our website. Further steps as described above under "A," items 3-6.


C)  Ordering replacement/spare parts
If you need a replacement part, please contact your customer service representative.


D)  Decontamination
Before shipping equipment, decontaminate the device and accessories. Please confirm the successful decontamination in writing. If decontamination is not possible, the product must be sealed in two separate protective layers of foil, and clearly marked as contaminated on the delivery documents and on the package. If necessary, WOM has the right to reject contaminated products for repair.


In the event that WOM receives devices for repair without decontamination proof, please be informed that WOM will return the goods without repair at the expense of the sender. To avoid this inconvenience to you, please provide the necessary documents. Regulations require that the value of a device in need of repair corresponds to the actual value.


E)  Return shipment
If a very low value is mentioned on the commercial invoice, WOM is obliged to clear the unit with a correct price during the import clearance process. WOM sets the import value as follows: sales price minus 10 % per year after date of purchase. Afterwards, WOM will re-export the device with the set import clearance value in compliance with German Customs Regulations.


Thank you for reviewing our service procedures. We look forward to providing you with excellent technical and customer service in the new year!


Your LEMKE Team


December 1st 2017

January 29th to February 1st


Please visit LEMKE at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre, hall 4, booth H4.C20

Low-Pressure Insufflation in Laparoscopic Surgery

December 1st 2017

Are there real benefits to the patient?

Insufflators are the devices that have advanced minimally invasive surgery (MIS) to the trend that it is today. Insufflators make it possible for surgeons to access internal organs with only a few small incisions. As MIS technology evolves, so does the demand for faster recovery times, minimal hospital stays, less pain and less risk to the patient.

For surgeons, an important goal in using an insufflator is to maintain a stable pneumoperitoneum during laparoscopic procedures. While routine intraabdominal pressure during insufflation is typically between 12-15 mmHg, the use of lower pressure may benefit certain patients. There have been a number of studies on low-pressure insufflation and most conclude that the most recognized benefit is reduced post-operative pain. The three types of pain in laparoscopic surgeries are deep intraabdominal pain (visceral pain), incisional pain (parietal pain) and shoulder pain (referred visceral pain). Pneumoperitoneum affects the visceral pain component and theoretically, lower abdominal pressure should reduce pain. For patients with comorbidities, there may be additional benefits beyond reduced post-op pain such as reduced cardiovascular effects. However, most studies conclude that less pain is the primary benefit to the patient.

Studies also emphasize caution as using pressures below 12 mmHg may affect visualization and careful consideration should be given based on factors such as the procedure type, complexity, and surgeons' experience. The LEMKE Insufflator 50 L quickly reacts to an unexpected drop in pressure which allows for a more stable pneumoperitoneum, even at pressures below 12 mmHg. With more than 29,500 units sold globally, the technology has proven to be reliable.

With the growing trend of value-based healthcare, less pain is of great importance to healthcare facilities. Increasingly, patients in markets such as the U.S. are surveyed after being treated and the information, such as pain scores, is considered in the procedure reimbursement. LEMKE devices, such as the Insufflator 50 L, continue to evolve with the demands of MIS practitioners and patients.

Your LEMKE Team


November 1st 2017

We welcome you to MEDICA in Düsseldorf on November 13th to 16th , 2017

Please visit us at the booth of our strategic partner TONTARRA Hall 13, booth C67 – place of LEMKE devices presentation

Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy (SLNB) is the Gold Standard in Breast Cancer

November 1st 2017

The LEMKE Gamma Finder® II Provides Wireless SLN Detection and Ease of Use

It is known by oncologists and breast surgeons that removing multiple lymph nodes at the same time has been associated with adverse effects on breast cancer patients. For this reason, SLNB alone for staging breast cancer in women with no clinical signs of axillary lymph node metastasis, has become the gold standard of care.

The SLNB procedure is utilized in at least 65 % of breast cancer cases in the U.S. and EU, and just slightly lower in other countries. In the U.S. alone, approximately 253,000 cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed in 2017. There are many SLN detection devices on the market today, however, most are not completely handheld, wireless or convenient to use. What factors should be considered in selecting a gamma probe for SLNB? Of course high sensitivity, reliability and ease-of-use are important. The LEMKE Gamma Finder® II was developed with the surgeons in mind. Our handheld, wireless probe provides a clear display at your fingertips, audible sounds, an intuitive interface and high sensitivity for accurate detection of isotopes such as 99mTC. LEMKE is also regularly collecting surgeon feedback and gamma probe user insights to improve its devices such as the Gamma Finder® II.    

SLNB is most commonly used to help stage breast cancer and melanoma. However, this technology is being observed for other cancer types as well, including colorectal cancer, gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, head and neck cancer, thyroid cancer, and non-small cell lung cancer. The Gamma Finder® II has proven to be a valuable device across the globe.

Your LEMKE Team

LEMKE Exhibits at Medical Fair Thailand 2017 with Partners TONTARRA and NOUVAG

October 1st 2017

Record Attendance Resulted in a Highly Successful Event

The largest exhibition to date, MEDICAL FAIR THAILAND 2017 closed its last day amidst an exciting atmosphere of success, collaboration and fortified business relationships. Over the three days, the pulse of the region’s medical and healthcare sector came alive. LEMKE shared its highly active booth with partners, TONTARRA and NOUVAG in which they shared their deep experience in specific markets and introduced each other to potential customers.

The exhibition attracted more than 9,000 visitors, well exceeding expectations and surpassing 2015’s visitor attendance by 25%. The show floor was also increased in size by 20% and was abuzz with activities and networking.  The 830 exhibitors from 66 countries, 18 national pavilions and country groups, welcomed top-quality visitors including delegations from Thailand, Myanmar, Korea, Vietnam, The Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and more. The well-attended concurrent events, technical presentations and industry-leading conferences held alongside the exhibition proved to be a winning combination.

LEMKE and its partners were excited to showcase their minimally invasive devices as part of more than 5,000 products displayed. The tremendous growth of minimally invasive surgery could be recognized in the high number of booth visitors and interest shown in WOM MIS devices.

Your LEMKE Team

Photo: Jörg Fischer from LEMKE, Alberto Petrella, MD from TONTARRA, and Heinz Wieser, CEO of NOUVAG present products during Medical Fair Thailand 2017

Mini-Laparoscopy – Is this a Growing Trend?

September 1st 2017

Technological Advances Have Revived Interest in Mini-LAP
The term “mini-laparoscopy” is broad and encompasses all techniques for which smaller incisions are used alone or in combination with smaller instruments. Other terms used to describe these procedures include “needlescopic” and “reduced trocar.” The size of instruments and incisions for laparoscopy is continuing to decrease, with instruments smaller than 2 mm being used for what is termed “micro-laparoscopy.” Mini-laparoscopy (mini-LAP) is defined as use of a 5-mm laparoscope or smaller with ports smaller than 5 mm. With traditional laparoscopy, in contrast, incisions range anywhere from 5 mm to 12 mm.

Often mini-LAP and micro-LAP terminology are used interchangeably as companies obtain patents on small instruments and use their own terminology. This is not a new trend, as mini-LAP was first recognized in the 1990s. However, the lack of strong enough materials resulted in instruments breaking and flexing. Hence, this caused mini-lap to fade away until recent years in which well-known companies have developed and brought to market stronger instruments capable of performing procedures without this problem.

What are the benefits of mini-LAP?
For the patient, it usually means minimal scarring, less pain, faster healing, and less chance for post-surgery hernias. For the surgeons, they experience good patient acceptance, less closure time, better instruments developed versus in the past – less flex and easier to use, and lower cost due to fewer trocars (some instruments have subcutaneous insertion). There are still limiting factors with this re-emerging trend. A larger port is still needed for tissue/specimen removal, there is a learning curve with smaller instruments, and also concerns over visibility problems due to smaller scopes. In addition, many surgeons equate mini-LAP with that of the 1990s, and need to be re-educated. Although there are many benefits, for now, mini-LAP is a smaller niche market that has reemerged due to technological advances in instruments. This trend is one to keep an eye on, as minimally invasive techniques continue to evolve.   

Your LEMKE Team

Photo: © flywish – stock.adobe.com


July 25th 2017

Dear partners,
We would like to inform you, that the production and distribution of the products listed here is discontinued by December 31st, 2017 for all countries requiring CE Mark.


Last order date for the listed medical devices is August 31st, 2017.

W.O.M. WORLD OF MEDICINE GmbH ensures as far as possible availability of accessories and spare parts for the mentioned products for at least 5 (five) years from the date of discontinuation.

Please feel free to contact us for further information.


Your LEMKE-Team



LEMKE – Devices and Usability

June 1st 2017

LEMKE knows, when selecting a medical device for the OR, many factors are considered by hospitals in addition to the cost. The usability of the device is of the utmost importance. The nurses and others responsible for setting up devices must understand the graphical user interface (GUI), instructions for use, and the device labeling.


The top disruption of workflow in the OR is difficulty with medical devices. If the GUI menus are confusing, if buttons are poorly located and audible notifications are not understood, it not only prolongs the procedure but may endanger the patient.


LEMKE devices are designed to improve workflow in the OR. The usability engineering team is specifically focusing on needs of the end-users. Human factors are taken into account in the design of each LEMKE device. Incorrect user actions can be predicted by the usability team, and the design altered to mitigate a possible hazard during a procedure. The GUI of every device is tested and is also evaluated by experts.


LEMKE always has the needs of the surgeon and medical staff in mind during the design process. Our goal is to provide Minimally Invasive devices that perform as expected, support an efficient workflow, and are safe for patients.


Your LEMKE-Team

LEMKE – Innovation for a Better Future

May 1st 2017

In hospitals across the globe, LEMKE partners with surgeons, nurses, universities and other innovators to develop medical devices that result in better surgical outcomes.

LEMKE knows that innovation begins with a great idea. Anyone can have a great idea, but unless it is shared and evaluated, it will not result in success. An innovative idea can help create a product, solve a problem, increase efficiency, acquire customers, or all of the above.
Where do innovative ideas come from and how do we move ideas forward?
In the ever-changing field of Minimally Invasive Medicine, ideas start with understanding clinical needs. Once needs are understood, ideas are shared that often stem from identified trends. For example: trends could be based on new technologies, specific indications, or changing healthcare legislation.

An online software program such as “Hype” is a vehicle used by companies to share great ideas that improve products and services. This is one of many tools that allows employees across departments to submit ideas which are viewed, discussed and rated by colleagues. The highest rated ideas can then move forward and can be reviewed for validity. Innovative Ideas may also be about improving an existing process or a service offering. Your company must define its own goals, priorities and set processes for future growth through innovation.

Be sure to harness the power of your ideas and those of your colleagues. Together let’s innovate for a better future!

Your LEMKE-Team

WOM ACADEMY Hosts LEMKE Service Training in Berlin

April 1st 2017

On March 15-17, 2017, WOM hosted a three-day LEMKE service training as part of WOM ACADEMY at its headquarters in Berlin. The event was held in the Lindemann MIC®-Lounge which includes a full Minimally Invasive Surgery suite for a true hands-on training experience with LEMKE devices. The technicians, who represented different international distributors of LEMKE devices, were sent to Berlin to improve their technical knowledge and service of LEMKE Classic and New Line devices. The training consisted of both theory and practical modules in small classes.

Our WOM Academy master trainer, Uwe Kreitel (Director International Technical Service), and WOM Academy certified trainer, Eric Wu (Service Manager), were happy to impart knowledge of the most important service issues and provide solutions. They also answered individual questions and provided hands-on experience with LEMKE devices. At the end of the training, each participant completed a written test in order to obtain a Technical Service Certificate. We are very proud that all of our participants passed the written test and received certificates. Congratulations!

Thanks to all of our guests for the wonderful and meaningful time with us in Berlin. We wish them continued success in the future.

Your LEMKE-Team


Photo: LEMKE customers proudly display WOM ACADEMY training certificates

Arab Health attracts Global Attendance in 2017

March 1st 2017

LEMKE Exhibits with Partners NOUVAG and TONTARRA


Arab Health was held from January 30th to February 2nd at the International Convention & Exhibition Centre in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Arab Health is the second largest healthcare exhibition and congress in the world and the largest in the Middle East. At this year's event, LEMKE presented its product portfolio at a very well-located and excellently designed booth, in a strong partnership with our strategic partners NOUVAG and TONTARRA.


During the trade fair, many visitors and distributors from the MEA region were interested in LEMKE's new, innovative products; especially, after hearing about the advantages when compared to the classic line products.


We recognise that every year more customers from Asia are deciding to visit the Arab Health instead of Medica in Düsseldorf. This is one reason Arab Health is expanding from a regional hub into a global meeting point.


Your LEMKE-Team


W.O.M. WORLD OF MEDICINE GmbH is now known simply as "WOM". To keep a unified and consistent presence, all email addresses for WOM and LEMKE have changed to firstname.lastname@wom.group. The WOM domain has also changed to www.wom.group, so please note this change in your contacts. We appreciate your support!


Photo: Joe Matar, Andreas Kaufmann, Joachim Hahn, Irina Lukashova (LEMKE Team), Frank Priebe, Alberto Petrella and Jörg Fischer (LEMKE Team)


February 3rd 2017

Thank you for your visit at our booth at the ARAB HEALTH!


in a strong partnership with NOUVAG and TONTARRA

Review 2016

January 1st 2017

The LEMKE global sales team can look back on a great 2016 – goals were met and expectations exceeded. LEMKE products earned a great response and showed excellent sales results from the different markets of the world including the Full HD-Camera with its 3-in-1 solution; the newest 50 L-Insufflator, Multi-Mode Powerhouse with Bariatric, Pediatric and Vessel Harvesting; as well as the Multi-Indication Pump for Laparoscopy, Arthroscopy, Hysteroscopy and Urology.


Thank you very much for your cooperation and we wish you a happy and successful new year in 2017!


Your LEMKE-Team

LEMKE exhibits at ZDRAVO Expo during Russian Health Week

January 1st 2017

The International Exhibition for Health Care, Medical Engineering and Pharmaceuticals


LEMKE participated in the 2016 Zdravookhraneniye international exhibition (Zdravo) held December 5th-9th in Moscow. The Zdravo Expo is the largest healthcare exhibition in Russia, with over 20,000 visitors and 800 exhibitors. It is the showpiece event of Russian Health Week, a major series of healthcare exhibitions and conferences taking place in Moscow for health care, medical engineering and pharmaceuticals.


LEMKE exhibited for the fifth time with its own booth at the German Pavilion. The LEMKE New Line Products as well as the unique Gamma Finder® II and FREDDY® Laser U100Plus were presented and were of great interest to distributors and doctors. The entire LEMKE product portfolio prompted interest from numerous visitors from different Russian regions and from other former republics of the USSR. LEMKE also presented the instruments and telescopes of strategic partner, TONTARRA.


Interesting and promising contacts were made during this showcase of medical innovations. Local distributors utilized the LEMKE booth to efficiently present the LEMKE brand and products to key surgeons and decision makers with tremendous success. The visitor's feedback was excellent. LEMKE would like to thank the guests and is looking forward to seeing you at Arab Health 2017 in Dubai!


Your LEMKE-Team

LEMKE Multipurpose Devices Featured at MEDICA

December 1st 2016

MEDICA is still the world's largest, leading international trade fair for medicine and medical technology. According to MEDICA Magazine (November 17th, 2016), more than 5,000 exhibitors from 68 nations traveled to Düsseldorf to present their latest products to an international audience.


LEMKE Classic Line and the New Line were presented at the booth of our strategic partner, TONTARRA. The most interest was focused on our new Camera with its 3-in-1 solution, combining the Full HD-Camera, LED light source and Full HD capturing, as well as on our new 50L Insufflator with heating and additional modes for Bariatric, Pediatric and Vessel Harvesting. Our new, but already well-known, Multi-Indication Pump was also of great interest. The multipurpose concept of these products, which is also true for our entire new line of products, allows hospitals and clinics to minimize resources spent on installation and training, and stock of accessories. With just three devices, they are well equipped for four indications - laparoscopy, arthroscopy, gynecology and urology.


We had great conversations with long-term partners and new distributors about our product range, shared experiences and new developments and also discussed market needs. During brief instructions and trainings, we appreciated the valuable feedback on our products that will help strengthen the LEMKE brand, making our business more successful.


We very much thank all of our visitors and would like to welcome you at our upcoming shows - "Zdravookhranenie" in Moscow and "Arab Health" in Dubai!


Your LEMKE-Team

Photo: Dirk Balmert, Irina Lukashova and Jörg Fischer (LEMKE Team)




December 1st 2016

December 05th to 09th, Moscow
Please visit us at the booth 2.1D36

President of Urology Association Provides Hands-on Training with LEMKE Devices

November 1st 2016

On October 7th, 2016, a laparoscopic urology workshop was held at GMEA training center in Byblos, Lebanon. The event was attended by 18 surgeons from Lebanon.


The attendees were separated into three work stations to perform a laparoscopic nephrectomy on live, narcotized animals. The workshop offered other important work stations including laparoscopic training using animal tissue simulators, and endoscopic urology stations where doctors performed transurethral resection of bladders tumors.


All workstations where supported by LEMKE laparoscopic towers containing all the required devices including HD-Cameras with integrated LED Light Source, 30 L Insufflators, and Multi-indication Pumps to integrate a superior operation mode.The workshop was appreciated by all attendees, as sharpening skills in Minimally Invasive Surgery is of the utmost importance for better outcomes.


Your LEMKE-Team
(Photo: Dr. Raghid Khoury, President of Urology Association in Lebanon handling the Laparoscopic nephrectomy procedure)

LEMKE Workshop Provides Hands-on Training during ISGE Asian Congress

October 1st 2016

LEMKE provided a two-day workshop prior to the ISGE Congress held September 15th-17th in Bali, where physicians were able to participate in hands-on training. Five towers featured the LEMKE Full HD- and HD-Cameras and Multiindication Pump along with TONTARRA’s 2.9 mm scope.

Hosted by PT Endo Indonesia, the three-day exhibition was a great chance to train Endo Indonesia’s colleagues both in the application of LEMKE products and also sales training. Physicians were impressed with the image quality while using the 2.9 mm scope from Tontarra with the LEMKE HD-Camera in a small cavity which simulated a uterus. The feedback was good and they were quite amazed by the performance. LEMKE also introduced physicians to the functions of the Multi-indication Pump. The training workshop provided details on how the pump works best for hysteroscopic procedures.

After the training workshop, physicians asked questions about surgical challenges faced in the past and they gained insight and understanding of how to overcome some of those challenges. Overall, the feedback from attendees was very positive and the workshop was well accepted.

Your LEMKE-Team

(Photo: Demonstration on how to use the miniresectoscope)

Full HD-Camera – the 3-in-1 solution

September 1st 2016

The 3-in-1 solution is the combination of Full HD-Camera, Light Source and Photo/Video Documentation. That means only one device is needed.

  • Camera Head features an ergonomic design
  • Brilliant image quality with sharp, true color
  • Pre-set application profiles make the Camera a plug and play device
  • A high degree of user-friendliness
  • Capture unit comes with a USB flash/hard drive interface to store images and videos in Full HD
  • Every image and video has a time stamp and patient data
  • The "New Patient" function makes it easy to separate cases
  • Obtain a summary of all videos and photos
  • Space saver in the OR
  • Minimal instruction needed for clinical staff

Your LEMKE Team

50 L Insufflator – the multi-mode powerhouse

October 12th 2016

Our 50 L Insufflator with multiple modes and gas heating provides safety and better patient outcomes.

  • Ease of use and quick set up
  • Color touchscreen with intuitive user interface
  • CO2 gas heating protects against hypothermia and postoperative pain

Three additional modes of insufflation

  • Bariatric mode enables a stable pneumoperitoneum even with extremely obese patients
  • Pediatric mode is particularly sensitive and can be finely adjusted for surgery on newborns and infants
  • Vessel-harvesting mode optimally adjusts according to the blood vessel

Your LEMKE Team

LEMKE and TONTARRA Host Sales and Marketing Training Event for Launch of New Products

August 1st 2016

In the first week of July, the Lindemann MIC®-Lounge at the Headquarters of WOM in Berlin was very busy. First, two days of marketing and sales training took place for our international distributors, followed by a two-day launch training for our Full HD-Camera and our 50 L-Insufflator. Our partners from Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America participated in the event. It was hosted by LEMKE and strategic partner, TONTARRA.


WOM certified master trainers of the WOM ACADEMY provided product training which was well-accepted by the audience. The know-how and professionalism of Dirk Balmert, Philipp Dräger and Hans-Christian Schwericke left a deep impression even with our very experienced partners.


All participants greatly appreciated the presentations of our reference surgeons. Dr. Eleonara Boschetti, Charité from Campus Benjamin Franklin, Berlin, presented the advantages of our HYS Pump in the office hysteroscopy and Dr. Avraam Mastorakis, Head of Pediatrics, Schwarzwald-Baar Hospital, Villingen-Schwenningen, presented the pediatric mode for insufflation during laparoscopic interventions with infants. The daily challenges in the clinical workflow for our partners are always present; therefore, potential solutions are highly appreciated.

Finally our KOL, Dr. Colin M. Krüger, Head of Division of Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS®) and Robotic Surgery (DaVinci®) Vivantes Humboldt-Hospital, Berlin, gave an interesting outlook into the future of robotic OTs.

The in-depth shared knowledge was appreciated by all and more trainings are highly anticipated for our valued inter-national partners. 

Your LEMKE Team

LEMKE’s First Hands-on Urology Workshop Hosted Twenty Surgeons in Lebanon

July 1st 2016

The first laparoscopic urology workshop was held on June 25th at GMEA training center in Byblos, Lebanon, with twenty surgeons from the Middle East Area in attendance. Laparoscopic urology surgery was performed for the first time on living narcotized animals.

The workshop offered an additional station where laparos-copic training could be performed using the live animal tissue simulators and endoscopic urology stations where doctors performed transurethral resection of bladder tumors.
The attendees were separated into four working stations performing laparoscopic prostatectomy. All workstations where supported by LEMKE laparoscopic towers containing all the required tools such as Full HD-Cameras with integrated LEDLight Source, 30 L-Insufflators, and Multi-Indication Pumps to integrate a superior operation mode.

The greatest outcome of the workshop was achieved with all successful surgeries and animals in good health. The doctors were very satisfied with the results and are motivated to attend more workshops to perform a variety of procedures in the future.

We appreciate the enthusiasm of the attending surgeons and after receiving great feedback, LEMKE will arrange similar workshops offering a variety of applications in the fields of laparoscopy, urology, and gynecology.

Your LEMKE Team

ALLERS GROUP showcases products for renowned Bariatric Surgeons

June 1st 2016

From April From April 13th to 16th, 2016 in Cartagena, Colombia


ALLERS GROUP, our distributor in Colombia, has been in the medical business for 60 years as a provider of a wide range of products to meet the expectations of the market.

They participated, as an exhibitor and sponsor, in the Ibero-Americano Obesity, Bariatric Surgery and Metabolism Congress that took place in Cartagena, Colombia, from April 13th to 16th, 2016. This event is of major importance since it was possible to contact the most renowned doctors in the area of Bariatric Surgery. Many contacts were created through this networking platform. The speakers expressed concern about obesity, a growing and global epidemic. It is becoming a challenge that requires teamwork amongst health professionals and technology.


Positive Feedback for our Full HD-Video Management System
This event was organized by two Latino-American prestigious associations – The International Federation of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery, and the Latino American Obesity Society in collaboration with the Colombian Association of Surgery. ALLERS GROUP displayed the LEMKE Full HD-Camera with very positive feedback from doctors and visitors in general.

In synergy with TONTARRA instrumentation, it was possible to demonstrate the quality of image using the Full HD-Camera. The HDMI digital output guarantees a standard, safe and efficient connectivity. During the demonstration, the camera head was recognized as light, ergonomic and did not generate heat. The friendly and easy- to-use configuration of the camera system is always appreciated by surgeons.
The event concluded successfully with around 900 attendees from Latin America countries.

Your LEMKE Team

Photo: ALLERS GROUP Representatives during Bariatric Surgery and Metabolism Congress

3rd Khorfakkan Workshop in the UAE

April 1st 2016

It was a great pleasure that we announce a laparoscopic workshop to take place during the 3rd International Khorfakkan Surigcal Conference on February 26th and 27th, 2016.


The conference was attended by more than 600 doctors and nurses from 12+ countries. It featured more than 40 interesting presentations and complex case discussions from across the world, creating an exceptional educational environment as well as an international platform for paper presentations and interactive discussion and Workshops.


The next event is on May 20th, 2016: Laparoscopic Workshop on living animals Lebanon at the G-MEA Training Center.


Your LEMKE-Team

Laparoscopic Workshop in Lebanon

April 1st 2016

On February 19th, 2016, LEMKE and Tontarra supported the laparoscopic Hands-on Workshop with Basic Techniques in Laparoscopic Procedures at the G-MEA Trainings Center in Byblos, Lebanon.


G-MEA stands for General Medical Workshop Association Middle-East and Africa and it expresses a new concept of an educational forum for laparoscopic surgery and endoscopy. The spirit of this innovative approach to education is best reflected by the fact that this meeting will combine Workshops on hands-on training, as well as scientific sessions.


The opportunity for hands-on training using models, and to apply these new techniques in clinical practice is the primary goal of this Workshop.


The workshop was monitored by Dr. Raghid El-Khoury, the head of the Urology Department at NDDS Hospital in Byblos, Lebanon, and Dr. Alfonso Rossetti, a specialist in obstetrics and gynecological surgeries in Rome, Italy.


Your LEMKE-Team

Arab Health 2016, Dubai

March 1st 2016

At this year's Arab Health, LEMKE presented its product portfolio at the new, well-located and excellently designed booth, in a strong partnership with our co-operation partners Nouvag and Tontarra. During the trade fair, plenty of visitors and distributors from the MEA region were interested in the new, innovative products; especially, in the advantages and differences compared to the classic line products. We would like to thank you for visiting our booth - having great conversations, sharing experiences and information about the new developments and the needs of your markets.


We hope this year's Arab Health was as successful for you as it was for us, and would like to welcome you back to our booth at Arab Health 2017!


We would be pleased to offer you an exceptional offer for the Full HD-Camera and the 50 L-Insufflator. Please don´t hesitate to contact us.


Your LEMKE-Team

Visit report: Dubai

March 1st 2016

Product Application Training

On January 23rd and 24th, LEMKE with strategic partner TONTARRA started successfully the product training in Dubai for the distributors from the region of Middle-East and Africa (MEA).


Thirty-two participants from different companies and countries joined our training. During this event, LEMKE launched our new products: Full HD-Camera and 50 L-Insufflator with Bariatric, Pediatric and Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting Modes, and Gas Heating. The feedback was totally positive and we are already looking forward to the upcoming trainings and workshops in 2016.


We will keep you posted!


Your LEMKE-Team

50 L-Insufflator

February 1st 2016

The Multi-Mode Powerhouse
If you want to play it safe in the OR, then rely on the new 50 L-Insufflator by LEMKE. Even under difficult conditions, it’s the ideal partner.


Three new modes for large challenges
Bariatric mode shows what power means. Even with extremely obese patients, it ensures a stable pneumoperitoneum. The often necessary second insufflator can be omitted and operating time is considerably reduced. Our 50 L-Insufflator is particularly sensitive in Pediatric mode. Insufflation can be finely adjusted for operations on new-borns, infants and toddlers.


For vessel harvesting procedures, a special tunnel can be created along the blood vessel which allows the gentle endoscopic harvesting of veins and arteries.

All three new modes serve special market needs and open up new sales arguments for you.



Gas heating – for the benefit of the patient
Hypothermia – especially in children, severe post-operative pain, condensation on endoscopes; these can be avoided. The 50 L-Insufflator by LEMKE features integrated and controlled CO2 heating to body temperature.



LEMKE Insufflators stand for reliability
The 50 L-Insufflator impressively illustrates that over 40 years of experience in the production of insufflators has been incorporated into it’s development. It’s clear and intuitive display will impress your customers. Features such as customized indication modes and the venting system deliver safe and reliable surgical procedures, and ensure that the surgical team can focus on what really counts – the treatment of the patient.


Your LEMKE Team

Full HD-Camera

February 1st 2016

A new milestone of the LEMKE product line: our new Full HD-Camera.



Cutting edge technology for a broad market segment
The successful 3-in-1 Video Management System by LEMKE is now also available in Full HD resolution. The CMOS-based 1080p sensor ensures razor sharp shots, natural color reproduction, and fast, and absolutely stable images, for even safer and more comfortable operating in all major endoscopic applications.
The combination of 3-in-1 Camera, Light Source and Photo/Video Documentation – is a compelling sales arguments and also offers numerous advantages for you:

  • Perfect compatibility of the three devices
  • Saving of space, cost and time as only one device must be acquired, stored and traine

Typical for LEMKE is the especially simple handling. This starts with operating only one box, proven OR-tested, particularly clear interface, and it takes only a few seconds until the unit is ready for use. The camera head is a very light weight and lies perfectly in the hand – something that is particularly positive during long surgical procedures.


LED-Light Source with up to 1,400 lumen
The built-in LED-Light Source provides a light intensity of up to 1,400 lumen; even in low-light conditions the images taken by the LEMKE Full HD-Camera are still very good. Even after 10,000 hours of operation time, our LED has an output of at least 90 %. The fiber-optic cable is compatible with the adapters by Storz, Olympus, ACMI and Wolf.


Advanced HD-Capture technology – the surgeon is going to love it
Ease of operation is also the be-all and end-all in data management. Every video and every image has it’s own identifier, and the “New patient” function makes it very easy to create and manage person-specific data. An important element for more individualization of the surgeon in the operating room.




January 1st 2016

January 25th to 28th, Dubai

We would like to welcome you at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, hall 4, booth No. C20

Product Launch at the Arab Health 2016

January 1st 2016

The whole LEMKE Team is excited to welcome you to our next show - exhibition Arab Health 2016 in Dubai, where we will introduce our New Line Full HD-Camera and launch the 50L-Insufflator with Bariatric, Pediatric, Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting modes and gas heating.


Together with you, we are looking forward to another great year in 2016 for LEMKE!


Your LEMKE Team

Trade show in Moscow

January 1st 2016

The 25th International Exhibition for Health Care, Medical Engineering and Pharmaceuticals "Zdravookhraneniye" (December 7th to 11th, 2015, Moscow) was once again the culmination event at the end of the year 2015. It is one of the largest international trade shows for development of medical science and equipment. Every year this event brings together doctors, pharmacists and business representatives from different countries. Almost all of the medical equipment market leaders showed their portfolios during this international trade fair.


WOM participated with its own excellently designed and well located booth at the German pavilion. The LEMKE team was proud to professionally present the New LEMKE Product Line as well as our unique products, the Gamma Finder® II and the FREDDY® Laser U100Plus. At "Zdravookhraneniye" we also presented the instruments and telescopes of our strategic partner TONTARRA. Our portfolio prompted great attention from numerous visitors. There were many guests from different Russian regions, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other republics from Northern Eurasia. New, interesting and promising contacts have been made. Local distributors used our booth to efficiently present our brand and products to their key surgeons and decision makers with big success. We would like to thank all those who visited our booth!

Trade Show MEDICA 2015

December 1st 2015

The complete spectrum of innovations for out-patient and clinical care were offered by almost 5,000 exhibitors. The new set of dates running from Monday to Thursday has been widely accepted by the guests: 130,000 specialist attendees from around 120 nations came to Düsseldorf. LEMKE Classic and New line of products were presented at the booth of our strategic partner TONTARRA. We were proud to introduce our new Full HD-Camera and to announce the upcoming launch of the 50 L-Insufflator with Bariatric, Pediatric, and Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting modes as well as Gas heating during the exhibition Arab Health 2016. All these innovative products earned a great response from distributors and doctors.


We thank all of our visitors from Europe, Middle East, Asia and South America for the great conversations and sharing of experiences and information of your market's needs. We highly appreciate the feedback on our products received from all our guests to enable us to strengthen LEMKE brand and to be more successful in all of your markets.


The entire LEMKE team is very much looking forward to seeing you at out next show - "Zdravookhranenie" in Moscow!


Your LEMKE Team


Photo: LEMKE Team: Jörg Fischer, Stela Skokandic and Irina Lukashova


November 23rd 2015

Health Care, Medical Engineering and Pharmaceuticals
Please come visit us at the German Pavillion on December 7th to 11th, Moscow, hall 2.1, booth A06.

Fluid Overload

November 1st 2015

Fluid overload in the acute surgical setting is a complex issue. The key elements are first, an increase of extracellular volume per se, and second, a change in the osmolality of serum and electrolyte homeostasis. There are two situations in which acute fluid overload present problems. One is the resuscitation of the patient with acute blood loss, and the other is the use of large volumes of irrigation fluid in body cavities. This article will review fluid overload due to irrigation fluid.


The cardinal symptoms of fluid overload are pulmonary edema consequent to the volume increase, and nausea resulting from hyponatremia. It is the latter symptom that is commonly overlooked and ascribed to a side effect of anaesthetic drugs. Every hysteroscopic surgeon should suspect fluid overload in a patient presenting with nausea and vomiting in the immediate postoperative period, especially if the symptoms are increasing and apparently resistant to the usual anti-emetics.


LEMKE's new Multi-Indication-Pump will measure both the fluid and balance of the inflow and outflow. Such a device is a great asset for the hysteroscopist. However for accurate measurements the correct use in accordance with the instructions for use is required, so that it is ensured that all fluid that returns from the patient is fully collected.


The prerequisite to adequate capture of all return fluid resides primarily in how the patient is draped prior to the procedure. Ideally, both the drape and the resectoscope are connected to the collection canister for measurement of fluid balance. Alternatively, the resectoscope's outflow is diverted into the funnel drape.


Author: Hans-Christian Schwericke (Product Manager Hysteroscopy, WOM Berlin); Review: Dr. med. Uwe Torsten (Chief Physician Gynecology, Vivantes Clinic Neukölln Berlin)

Trade Show MEDICA 2015

October 1st 2015

November 16th to 19th, Düsseldorf
Please visit us at the booth of our strategic partner TONTARRA Hall 13, booth C65 – place of LEMKE devices presentation.

WOM Wins at Lean & Green Award

October 1st 2015

WOM made it! WOM is one of the lucky winners and took 1st place in the category “General manufacturing industrial SMEs”. WOM received special recognition for outstanding results in the area of resource-efficient production.

This is already the fourth time the consultancy Growth Consulting Europe and Quadriga Consult is carrying out the “Lean & Green Management Award”. The industry benchmark is unique in its overall orientation. “Not only innovative technology and process solutions, but also the complete integration will be assessed by Lean & Green in management and production systems. Corporate culture, leadership and employee integration are also integrated into the analysis,” explains Daniel Reichert, project manager of the “Lean & Green Management Award”.

“With a total of 42 applicants, WOM is particularly proud to belong to a small circle of winners of well-known companies,“ states CEO Dr. Clemens Scholz. The official award ceremony will take place in the autumn of this year.

Your LEMKE-Team

Device Pioneers Meet

October 1st 2015

New York, September 2nd, 2015  
As part of a celebratory event today, WOM employee Matthias Hildebrand provided the Laparoflator Electronic 3509 with a new home, namely the Museum of Minimal Invasive Surgery in New York. Dr. Paul Alan Wetter, the inspiration for the first museum dealing with the 25-year history of minimally invasive surgery in the United States, was pleased about the donation of this historic equipment. With much enthusiasm, he had amassed historical equipment of leading medical technology companies to be able to present them to an international pool of visitors as part of the “Minimally Invasive Surgery Week 2015”.

The world’s first 9-liter Laparoflator 3509 from 1991 was one of the seminal inventions in the company’s more than 40-year history and was sold 10,000 times. WOM has influenced the field of MIC decisively and is regarded as one of the pioneers of minimally invasive medicine.

Photo (from right to left): Dr. Paul Alan Wetter & Matthias Hildebrand

Irrigation & Distension – Gravity vs. Pump

September 1st 2015

Optimal visualization is important in endoscopic procedures. Effective fluid irrigation systems provide essential benefits:

  • Maintaining a clear operative field
  • Improving scope maneuverability
  • Enabling organ dilation creating further space

Each of these benefits contribute to operative precision and efficiency.

There are a number of media delivery systems, ranging from those based on the physics of simple gravity to automated pumps that are designed to maintain a preset intracavity pressure.

Gravity is the simplest method of instilling fluid under constant hydrostatic pressure. The container of fluid is generally hung from an intravenous (IV) pole, and should be initially placed at a height above the patient that creates sufficient pressure. The pressure delivered to the inflow port of the instrument is the product of the inner diameter plane of the connective tubing and the elevation. The pressure is approximately 75 mmHg when the bag is 1 m above the patient. The height should be kept at the minimum elevation to allow sufficient distention.

An extension of the gravity system is the simple pressurized delivery system that is created by positioning a pressure cuff around the bag filled with the distending media. However, this approach does not allow precise control of the pressure.

A variety of infusion pumps are available, ranging from simple devices with constant flow and pressure to highly advanced devices that purport to monitor and maintain a preset intra-cavity pressure. Simple pump devices continue to press fluid into the cavity regardless of resistance, whereas the pressure-sensitive pumps reduce the flow rate when the preset level is reached. Such systems have been shown to produce significantly better visibility than gravity-driven irrigation in certain endoscopic procedures [1].

Technology stabilized pressure guarantees optimum flow capacity, stable distention and clear visibility in the body cavity.

Your LEMKE-Team


[1] G. J. M. Tuijthof, M. M. de Vaal, I. N. Sierevelt, L. Blankevoort, and M. P. J. van der List, “Performance of arthroscopic irrigation systems assessed with automatic blood detection,” Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy, vol. 19, no. 11, pp. 1948-1954, 2011.



Technical Service Hong Kong – A Good Decision

August 1st 2015

Hong Kong is a metropolis and special administrative region on the South coast of the People’s Republic of China. With over 7 million inhabitants on 1.104 km² and a significant economic and financial sector, Hong Kong is one of the largest cities in the world.

Two years ago, WOM opened a service site at this strategically important location to offer our customers prompt technical support. Since then, we keep our promise daily to our customers in the Asian region to deliver fast and competent processing of service orders.

Our service technician, Eric Wu, offers immediate and reliable assistance concerning the repair and maintenance of our products, either in Chinese or in English. He is locally available for your technical questions and can do some initial troubleshooting over the phone as well.

Of course, we also conduct extensive training for the Technical Service of your products, which we design and organize individually, according to your needs.

Due to the proximity to our Asian customers and hospitals, we were able to shorten the processing times of our service department considerably. This also makes it possible to respond even better to the regional needs of physicians and surgical nurses in order to develop the best products for their requirements and applications.

Here are the services offered by our Technical Service Hong Kong:


  • Contractually agreed device service and maintenance as well as handling of warranty claims
  • Comprehensive advice on technical questions
  • Commercial handling of repairs and returns (RMA)
  • Device returns
  • Advice on the purchase of spare parts
  • Training for technical equipment service
  • Additional services: Technical services as part of warrant extensions, calibration service, regular device testing

Your LEMKE-Team

The 1st and 2nd URO Workshop of LEMKE with G-MEA in Beirut

June 1st 2015

On April 18th and 25th, LEMKE started successfully the first URO Workshops in Beirut. The management of the workshops has been organized under the umbrella of G-MEA (www.g-mea.me) in collaboration with the Lebanese Urology Society and in cooperation with ERBE, TONTARRA, ACL & SIMEON. More than 120 surgeons from assistant to dean level joined the training.


The topic of the day was "En bloc resection of Bladder Tumors." En bloc resection of tumors of the bladder using the hybrid knife is a new surgical procedure that allows recently discovered cancer of the bladder to be effectively treated. As the tumor is not dissected in the bladder, this procedure enables a precise pathological diagnosis of the tumor margin as well as deep infiltration of the tumor.


Accordingly, this way of resection enables complete resection of the entire carcinoma with a reduced risk of cancerous cells remaining behind in the bladder so that follow up procedures are avoided and the risk of injury to the bladder is minimized.


With our LEMKE Tower and TONTARRA Optics and Instruments, the set was perfectly arranged for this procedure. The feedback has been totally positive and we are already looking forward to the coming workshops in 2015. We will keep you posted!

Reference Physician Interview

April 23rd 2015

Author: Dr. Colin Krüger, J. Zimmerer, J. Voß


Dr. med. Dipl. oec. med. Colin M. Krüger, MBA, FACS, is the managing senior physician at the Clinic for Surgery - Visceral & Vascular Surgery at Vivantes Humboldt Hospital in Berlin and Head of the Department of Surgery at the International Institute for Health Economics in Starnberg, Germany. After studying human medicine in Innsbruck and Berlin, Dr. Krüger graduated in 2000 during his tenure at the University of Ulm. In 2003, he completed a second degree in business administration and health economics at the Institute of Business Administration in Cologne, graduating as a Health Economist. In 2007, he completed his university career with an MBA in health economics.


WOM: Dr. Krüger, with which WOM devices do you work?
Dr. Krüger:
We have a wide variety of WOM products.We are equipped with the Video Management System HDC1000, the Pump APUH302, and the Insufflator F128. At the same time, we have the NeBULATM Medical Video Documentation Platform and the AirSeal® Intelligent Flow System (CO2 Management Device), which means I can be flexible in my work.


WOM: Did you have key experiences with WOM?
Dr. Krüger:
Certainly! Together, we have developed and tested numerous Cameras, Light Sources, Insufflators and Suction Irrigation Pumps (laparoscopy) for many years. This year is our 10 year anniversary, which represents a true milestone in our collaboration. We successfully reported on Medical HD® during a lecture at the Congress of the German Society for Surgery (DGCH April 2007), thereby establishing the HDC905 and the HDC907 in the market. In June 2009, Stefan Kürbis, Vice President of Global Marketing, and I voted in favor of the AirSeal® System, whereupon this device became a significant product in the portfolio of WOM in subsequent years. I also think that the meeting between my clinic and WOM Global Marketing Department at the medical center of excellence "Medizin im Grünen" (Medicine amidst greenery) that takes place every year, represents a key experience and a milestone for our good and long lasting cooperation. This meeting is a forum where experiences and ideas can be exchanged.


WOM: What future trends are conceivable for you in the field of MIS?
Dr. Krüger: I think robotics, that is computer-assisted surgery, will become an important trend. Currently, these options are still too expensive, but further research and development of such devices will result in better, faster and more flexible robotics, enabling this technique to be used universally. Through cost-effective solutions, the use of robotics will multiply in the coming years.


WOM: What is your take on the subject of humidification? Do you believe the emerging technique of gas humidi-fication during a laparoscopy will result in a practical and effective method?
Dr. Krüger: Not really. The current state of the art is that the humidification is effective for only about 1.5 hours. After that, the valve must be shut off, insufflation must be stopped, the tube must be removed from the trocar, and new distilled water must be added to the tube. Surgery cannot continue until everything is reassembled and reconnected.
Therefore, I do not see any practical usability with this method. Use during pediatric surgery would be possible, but open surgery is more common there as well.


Your LEMKE-Team

Trade Show – Arab Health 2015, Dubai

February 1st 2015

We hope this year’s Arab Health was as successful for you as it was for us. With almost 3,800 exhibitors and over 87,000 visitors, Arab Health is the next largest and most important international medical trade fair after MEDICA. Together with our strategic partner TONTARRA we were proud to introduce our complete new LEMKE line.

The new HD-Camera with integrated Light Source and Video Management System, the new Insufflator and the Multi-Indication Pump cover of the complete former LEMKE portfolio over twelve products. Due to the multipurpose concept of this product line, clinics and practices benefit directly by saving time for training, reducing stock of disposables and being well equipped for four indications with only three devices.

We would like to thank you for visiting our booth – having great conversations about the re-launched LEMKE brand and sharing experiences, information about new developments and the needs of your markets. Great interest was seen from numerous visitors from all parts of Middle East and North Africa. During brief introductions and trainings we highly appreciate your feedback on our products which will be directly transferred to our product development. This helps us to strengthen LEMKE making all of our businesses more successful.
We would like to welcome you back to our booth at Arab Health 2016!

Your LEMKE-Team


January 1st 2015

December 8th to 12th, 2014
The International Trade Fair for Health Care "Zdravookhraneniye" in Moscow (December 8th to 12th, 2014) was once again the main event at the end of the year to show the latest developments in medical science and equipment.


The LEMKE team was proud to professionally present the NEW PRODUCT LINE (3in1 HD-Camera, Insufflator and the Multi-Indication Pump) as well as the Gamma Finder® II and the FREDDY® Laser U100Plus. We also presented the instruments and telescopes from our cooperation partner TONTARRA. Our portfolio prompted great attention from numerous visitors. Local distributors used our booth to present our brand and products to their key surgeons and decision makers with great success. In particular, the Gamma Finder® II was of big interest for our visitors. This was due to the Annual Congress of the Russian Association of Oncological Mammology (RAOM) in Sochi September 2014 where our KOL Dr. Michael Wolf presented the gold standard of SLNB with our Gamma Finder® II.


We would like to thank all those who visited our booth - having great conversations about the relaunched LEMKE brand and sharing experiences and information about new developments and needs of your markets. This will help us to strengthen LEMKE making our businesses more successful. We would like to welcome you to our booth at "Zdravookhraneniye" in 2015!


Review 2014
Our Global Sales Team can look back on a tremendous 2014. The complete restart of the brand LEMKE with three innovative devices was the absolute highlight of this year. We were proud to introduce our new product line to you at numerous events. With great success we presented our new HD-Camera, the new Multi-Indication Pump and the Budget Insufflator. At this point we have to thank you so much for supporting us with great feedback, trust, fresh ideas and with your motivation. With you together we are looking forward to an even greater year in 2015 for LEMKE.

LEMKE – Official Sponsor of G-MEA

July 23rd 2015


G-MEA stands for General Medical Workshop Association Middle-East and Africa, and it expresses an up to date concept of an educational forum for laparoscopic surgery. The spirit of this innovative approach to education is best reflected by the fact that those meetings combine workshops with hands-on training sessions, as well as scientific sessions. The ability to train with hands-on models and apply these new techniques to clinical practice is the primary goal of these workshops.


As an official sponsor of G-MEA, LEMKE is proud to provide high quality products for education and training in basic and innovative techniques of laparoscopic surgery. For more information please visit the G-MEA website (www.g-mea.me).


December 1st 2014

Dear partners,

We hope MEDICA was of great success for you this year. With over 4,800 exhibitors and almost 130,000 visitors, MEDICA is still the world’s biggest and leading international trade fair.


Together with our strategic partner TONTARRA, we were proud to introduce our complete new LEMKE line. The new HD-Camera with integrated Light Source and video management system, the new budget Insufflator and the Multi-Indication Pump covers all the former LEMKE portfolio with over twelve products. Due to the multipurpose concept of this product line, clinics and practices benefit directly by saving time for training, reducing stock of disposables and being well equipped for four indications with only three devices.

We would like to thank you for visiting our booth – having great conversations about the re-launched LEMKE brand and sharing experiences, information about new developments and needs of your markets. Great interest was seen of numerous visitors from all parts of Europe, especially Eastern Europe and Russia, but Middle East and South America were also well represented. During brief introductions and trainings, we highly appreciat your feedback on our products which we will be directly transfered to our product development. This all will help us to strengthen LEMKE making our business more successful.

Special thanks go to our cooperation partner eSATURNUS and NDS Surgical Imaging who presented our LEMKE HD-Camera on their booths!

Your LEMKE-Team

Why use open Image and Video documentation systems?

November 1st 2014

Medical departments in hospitals are often structured in very seperate compartments where each department can purchase a different Image and Video documentation system. Typically the formats for image acquisition are specific to the manufacturer of the imaging devices. For long-term archiving, each system can send to PACS-systems under a DICOM-file format.


The advantage of open systems
Vendor-neutral archiving systems can be used across the board in the different departments, making accessibility and manageability easier. Image capturing has become a much sought-after tool for diagnostic research and for surgery. Among the fields of greatest activity is laparoscopic surgery, endoscopic examinations, ultrasound for pregnancies and in the radiology department. Those recordings are mainly used for education, image documentation and integration within the HIS (Health Information System) or EPR (Electronic Patient Records).


The power of the web
Accessibility of images is the key to ease the adoption of new systems into hospitals. Central PACS-systems allow access from anywhere by using PACS viewers as an entry point for PACS images. Hence endoscopic cameras also need central archiving systems where DICOM is the standard format to send to PACS systems. The perfect DICOM solution for transmitting images and videos from LEMKE’s HD-Camera is the NeBULA™ system.


However, there are three reasons why PACS-systems cannot be used for day-to-day recording. First of all, the systems use long-term storage for medico-legal reasons. Not every image needs to be archived for decades. Secondly, PACS archiving is expensive and therefore will only be used for the most sensitive and important images. Lastly, PACS for video is not yet widely supported in hospitals.


Hospital Integration
Therefore, an IT integrated “in-between” storage that is web-accessible, open and easy to use, is an excellent solution. NeBULA™ is such a system. It can stream photos and videos to any computer in the hospital, regardless of the department in which it is used.


LEMKE and eSATURNUS are strategic cooperation partners with regard to image acquisition, especially in the field of minimally invasive medicine. eSATURNUS will present the LEMKE HD-Camera and video documentation platform NeBULA™ this year at the MEDICA on their booth (Hall 11, F48).


Your LEMKE-Team

LEMKE at G-MEA Workshop in Beirut, Lebanon

October 1st 2014

G-MEA stands for General Medical Workshop Association Middle-East and Africa, and it expresses an up to date concept of an educational forum for laparoscopic surgery. The spirit of this innovative approach to education is best reflected by the fact that the meeting combines workshops with hands-on training sessions, as well as scientific sessions. The ability to train with hands-on models and apply these new techniques to clinical practice is the primary goal of these workshops.

As an official sponsor of G-MEA, LEMKE is proud to provide high quality products for education and training in basic and innovative techniques of laparoscopic surgery. After the first successful workshop in May this year we were delighted to continue in September with the second learning and hands-on session. Our Product Manager, Robert Ackermann, gave a brief training on our endoscopic cameras and light sources to over 25 beginners in laparoscopic surgery. For more information please visit the G-MEA website (www.g-mea.me).


Your LEMKE-Team

Trade Show MEDICA 2014

September 1st 2014

November 12th to 15th, Düsseldorf
You are more than welcome to visit us at the German Healthcare Export Group: hall 12, booth A63 (GHE). Our cooperation partner TONTARRA (hall 13, booth C65) will present our complete new LEMKE line on their booth. www.medica-tradefair.com

Your LEMKE-Team

Do you know the difference between the CCD and CMOS chip technology?

September 1st 2014
  • CCD Technology –
    CCD is short for Charge-Coupled-Device. It is a light sensitive electric component that converts the incoming image signal (photons) into electrical signals with help of the internal photoelectric effect. For the conversion from analogue to digital, a separate Analog/Digital (A/D) Converter is integrated.
  • CMOS Technology –
    CMOS is short for Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor. Similar to the CCD, the CMOS is a light sensitive electric component that converts photons into electrical signals. The difference between CCD and CMOS lies in the way of the transmission of the collected data. In CMOS each single pixel has an integrated complementary transistor circuit which amplifies the signal. This has the effect that each individual pixel can be read electronically. The integrated A/D converter enables fast capturing of the picture.
  • CMOS vs. CCD
    Advantages of CMOS over CCD: First of all there is less power needed, less image lag (also known as low latency), and the sensor has higher cost efficiency. By using the CMOS-sensor technology in the ergonomically designed camera head unit, the heat generation in the camera head unit is also reduced to a minimum. Due to the integrated A/D converter the CMOS sensor is more robust, smaller and more durable than the CCD. Further the CMOS contains, in contrast to the CCD, an automatic anti-blooming (effect) which dissipates any arising surplus of charge so that the blooming-effect does not occur.

See for yourself with our brand new HD-Camera.

A First in the History of LEMKE

August 1st 2014

Three devices series - one sales launch.

With joy, we can say that all the efforts have paid off! We were able to realize it down to the last screw, that all three new LEMKE products are finished in one fell swoop. The simultaneous conclusion of three pilot runs of the new LEMKE product line became reality.

With this event, LEMKE can look back on three major Milestones 

  • LEMKE now has a dedicated R&D Project Manager as well as a Product Manager. This underpins the progress of LEMKE on one hand and paves the way for future growing success on the other hand. 
  • The official restart of the LEMKE brand during this year's Arab Health 2014 in Dubai is the second milestone. There, the new LEMKE product line was presented successfully for the first time. 
  • The trilogy of milestones was accomplished by the simultaneous completion of the three pilot series and the subsequent formal handing over of this series to the LEMKE sales team. We are pleased that all participating departments were represented at the event held at our production site in Ludwigsstadt on July 7th 2014. An event such as the formal transfer of the new LEMKE product line to the sales team strengthens LEMKE as an important strategic element of WOM.

Thus, the successes of LEMKE are also successes of WOM!

We would like to take this opportunity again to thank all contributors and together we look forward to the next milestones of LEMKE history.

Trade Show, Report Hospitalar São Paulo May 2014

June 1st 2014

We again used the 2014 Hospitalar to present our product range to a wide, international audience. The new LEMKE product line, highlighted the new HD-Camera, which was of course the primary focus.

We were met with enormous interest and gladly provided information to visitors from the entire South American continent. Although the fair had 30-40 % fewer visitors than previous years - due to the upcoming World Cup and the associated price increases and logistical complications - we were still able to use our attendance to provide detailed information about our products and marketing strategies to the LEMKE dealer network in South America.

Many took advantage of our offer of a combined LEMKE/Tontarra product training even before the fair started: Our partners from Mexico (EYMSA), Peru (Tecnomed), Colombia (Grupo Allers), Chile (Novacare), Ecuador (OBA Chacon), Bolivia (HP medical), and Argentina (Gastrotex) participated in the second "Encuentro Latinoamericano LEMKE y Tontarra" and were also treated to a lecture on laparoscopic techniques by Dr. Jesus Eduardo Jimenez Murillo (EYMSA).

We thank our partners for their attendance, for their continued interest; and wish everybody great success with the new LEMKE line, which, together with Tontarra, makes us a new player in Latin America but one that must be taken seriously.

The all new LEMKE Line in Hong Kong

May 1st 2014

This great event gave us the chance to do the first hands on training with the new LEMKE product line. Our partners enjoyed the look and feel of the three new products including the HD-Camera with integrated Light Source and Capturing, the new Multi-Indication Pump, as well as the new 30L-Insufflator. We also had the great opportunity to go into interesting discussions regarding special market situations, clinical requirements and further business cooperation. Thanks to all attendees for making this event that successful!

Trade Show in São Paulo

April 1st 2014

For South America we will launch the new LEMKE product line at our booth during the Hospitalar trade exhibition in São Paulo. Please come visit us at the Blue hall, Aisle I, booth 28 on May 20th to 23th, 2014. With 1,250 exhibitors and an expected attendance of 90,000 international visitors, the Hospitalar trade fair is among the top 3 medical device exhibitions in the world - and still gaining importance.

Arab Health Dubai January 2014

February 17th 2014

The ARAB HEALTH 2014 was once again the highlight event of the New Year. It was also the successful continued cooperation with our strategic partner TONTARRA, to fulfill almost every demand in endoscopy. Our long term partners welcomed this strategic union, as did our new partners eSaturnus and iTD.

The renaissance of LEMKE. The new LEMKE line and portfolio.

We are proud to start this year with the relaunch of our brand LEMKE which features a complete new product line of products and corporate design - including a new website, a new catalogue, a new booth design and new giveaways.
Our esteemed partners from all over the world were very pleased to be the first to get a look and feel of LEMKE. Local distributors used our booth to efficiently present our brand and new products to their key surgeons and decision makers. More than 60 new interesting and promising contacts have been made. The visitor's feedback on the complete new product line was excellent. The 3 in 1 HD-Camera including a Light Source and HD-Capturing, the new Multi-Indication Pump for Laparoscopy, Arthroscopy, Hysteroscopy, Urology and the new 30 L-Insufflator brought forth great attention and excitement. As usual, the well known LEMKE line of products were a hit amongst the visitors.
Within the show itself, almost all of the global players and manufacturers in endoscopy displayed their portfolios. With successful presence at the ARAB HEALTH 2014, LEMKE and TONTARRA once again pointed out their solid position within the international medical device industry.

We would like to welcome you personally in 2015 to our LEMKE/TONTARRA booth at the ARAB HEALTH in Dubai!

May we introduce: A trolley meeting the needs of the operating theatre

December 18th 2013

Maximum dependability, long service life and operational safety are the result of deploying high-quality materials in conjunction with precise manufacture. Quality that is value for money – Made in Germany. The product design looks good and demonstrates its many strengths in the details – features like hygiene are particularly important for themedical sector: all surfaces are as smooth as possible, with easy-wipe cleaning and resistant to disinfection agents. The two-column cart features a load capacity up to 150 kg, easy-roll twin swivel castors measuring 100 mm in diameterfor maximum mobility and maneuverability, universalmonitor holder with VESA 75/100 adapter – up to 14 kg, Gas bottle holder – up to 38 kg and a lockable drawer.