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    The renaissance of LEMKE. The new LEMKE line. The new LEMKE portfolio. You are more than welcome to join our website for more information. LEMKE offers an intuitive operating concept, excellent reliability Made in Germany and highest safety standards. These are the hallmarks of the new generation of insufflators, multi indication pumps, and cameras from LEMKE.

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    In addition to the new product line, we are also ready to help and assist you with a larger team for fast, easy, and reliable service.

LEMKE Workshop Provides Hands-on Training during ISGE Asian Congress

October 1st 2016

LEMKE provided a two-day workshop prior to the ISGE Congress held September 15th-17th in Bali, where physicians were able to participate in hands-on training. Five towers featured the LEMKE Full HD- and HD-Cameras and Multiindication Pump along with TONTARRA’s 2.9 mm scope.

Hosted by PT Endo Indonesia, the three-day exhibition was a great chance to train Endo Indonesia’s colleagues both in the application of LEMKE products and also sales training. Physicians were impressed with the image quality while using the 2.9 mm scope from Tontarra with the LEMKE HD-Camera in a small cavity which simulated a uterus. The feedback was good and they were quite amazed by the performance. LEMKE also introduced physicians to the functions of the Multi-indication Pump. The training workshop provided details on how the pump works best for hysteroscopic procedures.

After the training workshop, physicians asked questions about surgical challenges faced in the past and they gained insight and understanding of how to overcome some of those challenges. Overall, the feedback from attendees was very positive and the workshop was well accepted.

Your LEMKE-Team (Photo: Demonstration on how to use the miniresectoscope)

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Full HD-Camera – the 3-in-1 solution

September 1st 2016

The 3-in-1 solution is the combination of Full HD-Camera, Light Source and Photo/Video Documentation. That means only one device is needed. Camera Head features an ergonomic design Brilliant image quality with sharp, true color Pre-set application profiles make the Camera a plug and play device A high degree of user-friendliness Capture unit comes with a USB flash/hard drive interface to store images and videos in Full HDEvery image and video has a time stamp and patient data The "New Patient" function makes it easy to separate cases Obtain a summary of all videos and photos Space saver in the OR Minimal instruction needed for clinical staff Your LEMKE Team

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50 L Insufflator – the multi-mode powerhouse

October 12th 2016

Our 50 L Insufflator with multiple modes and gas heating provides safety and better patient outcomes. Ease of use and quick set up Color touchscreen with intuitive user interface CO2 gas heating protects against hypothermia and postoperative pain Three additional modes of insufflation Bariatric mode enables a stable pneumoperitoneum even with extremely obese patients Pediatric mode is particularly sensitive and can be finely adjusted for surgery on newborns and infants Vessel-harvesting mode optimally adjusts according to the blood vessel Your LEMKE Team

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LEMKE and TONTARRA Host Sales and Marketing Training Event for Launch of New Products

August 1st 2016

In the first week of July, the Lindemann MIC®-Lounge at the Headquarters of WOM in Berlin was very busy. First, two days of marketing and sales training took place for our international distributors, followed by a two-day launch training for our Full HD-Camera and our 50 L-Insufflator. Our partners from Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America participated in the event. It was hosted by LEMKE and strategic partner, TONTARRA. WOM certified master trainers of the WOM ACADEMY provided product training which was well-accepted by the audience. The know-how and professionalism of Dirk Balmert, Philipp Dräger and Hans-Christian Schwericke left a deep impression even with our very experienced partners. All participants greatly appreciated the presentations of our reference surgeons. Dr. Eleonara Boschetti, Charité from Campus Benjamin Franklin, Berlin, presented the advantages of our HYS Pump in the office hysteroscopy and Dr. Avraam Mastorakis, Head of Pediatrics, Schwarzwald-Baar Hospital, Villingen-Schwenningen, presented the pediatric mode for insufflation during laparoscopic interventions with infants. The daily challenges in the clinical workflow for our partners are always present; therefore, potential solutions are highly appreciated.
Finally our KOL, Dr. Colin M. Krüger, Head of Division of Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS®) and Robotic Surgery (DaVinci®) Vivantes Humboldt-Hospital, Berlin, gave an interesting outlook into the future of robotic OTs.
The in-depth shared knowledge was appreciated by all and more trainings are highly anticipated for our valued inter-national partners. 

Your LEMKE Team

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LEMKE’s First Hands-on Urology Workshop Hosted Twenty Surgeons in Lebanon

July 1st 2016

The first laparoscopic urology workshop was held on June 25th at GMEA training center in Byblos, Lebanon, with twenty surgeons from the Middle East Area in attendance. Laparoscopic urology surgery was performed for the first time on living narcotized animals.
The workshop offered an additional station where laparos-copic training could be performed using the live animal tissue simulators and endoscopic urology stations where doctors performed transurethral resection of bladder tumors.
The attendees were separated into four working stations performing laparoscopic prostatectomy. All workstations where supported by LEMKE laparoscopic towers containing all the required tools such as Full HD-Cameras with integrated LEDLight Source, 30 L-Insufflators, and Multi-Indication Pumps to integrate a superior operation mode.
The greatest outcome of the workshop was achieved with all successful surgeries and animals in good health. The doctors were very satisfied with the results and are motivated to attend more workshops to perform a variety of procedures in the future.
We appreciate the enthusiasm of the attending surgeons and after receiving great feedback, LEMKE will arrange similar workshops offering a variety of applications in the fields of laparoscopy, urology, and gynecology.

Your LEMKE Team

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